Monday, January 26, 2009

weekend in virginia

well i haven't posted a good post in a while. i haven't had anything exciting to say. :) this weekend we went to hampton, virginia.

whitney was playing and since it was a quick weekend bus trip, i got to tag along! bus call was at 10:30 on friday. we packed up and headed out. we all watched a few episodes of it's always sunny in philadelphia. so hilarious and usually very, very wrong. i got to bed pretty early compared to everyone else at 12:45. i usually try not to get up in the morning til the bus stops because if it's before, it's usually really early. well i woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so i went out to the front lounge. it was 9 am! that's sleeping in for me! :)

we got to hampton around 11 and got the the bus parked. (and by we i mean hovie, the bus driver.) we met whitney and chris at the hotel. they had flown in from their acoustic gig in michigan the night before. we all headed down to the hotel restaurant where we had the worst service i think i've ever experienced. i'll give the waitress a pass because i think she was new. but it took an HOUR for us to get our food. granted there were 10 of us, but we were the only people in the entire place!! ridiculous! plus when the waitress brought out our food, another lady helped her carry everything out. she had the voice of a 85 year old trucker and was complaining that she was hungover. fabulous. by the time we finally ate, the band had to go sound check. they had a pretty early show (4:30) so as soon as they were done, they all needed to shower quickly to get back over to play.

the best part of the day was that my friend, amy, drove down from DC to see us and watch the show! i met her in the lobby to give her her all access bracelet. when we tried to go back through the door i had come from, the lady said "you can't come through here". i said, "but we have all access bracelets." she said, "well not for this door." my gosh! these people. so we had to walk all the way around the outside of the building and go through the band door in the back. so stupid. anyway, the show was great even though the sound was a little off.

after the show, bob, the warner bros. guy took us all out for seafood. yum! we were headed out by 9:00. we watched a few movies, did some tequila shots straight from the bottle (just kidding, mom!) (not really), ate some junk food, and then hit the hay. we got in around 8 or 8:30. enough time to still make it to church to help with coffee clean up. fun weekend all in all.

p.s. check out abbe's blog. it's super cute!! :)

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californiameaghan said...

tequila shots straight from the bottle? thats my girl! i taught her everything she knows!!!!