Monday, January 12, 2009

christmas fun-part 3

Well, I've completely been shafting Justin's family in my Christmas posts. Totally unintentional. I didn't have the pictures readily available and you know me, I don't post without pictures! Anyway, now I've got them, so here we go!

We headed to Justin's Aunt Linda's on Christmas morning. We took a different way than normal and really got to take in small town Kansas. Equally beautiful and hilarious. Oh some of the Christmas decorations we saw. Anyway, we got there around ten and helped Noah set up his new Wii. Wii's for everyone!! We ate lunch around 12:30 with Linda's usual awesome spread of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green beans, baked beans, homemade rolls and more. Oh! don't forget her apple pie. It's kind of a big deal.

After lunch we go for the presents. It's usually organized chaos with everyone opening at the same time. We got some great gifts. Justin got a guitar pedal he'd really been wanting and I got a spice rack! Woo hoo! My spice rack is really for all my cookie sprinkles and it's been fun to put together. Riley also got a present and she had fun "opening" it. Basically she tore the bag to bits. It was fun to watch. She got a little dog bowl with doggie shampoo and conditioner and a soap bone and scrubber and a toy. She did pretty well, huh? After we got it open she plopped down with the bowl between her front legs like she knew it was for her.

After presents (and of course listening to the CD Justin made) we took the 4 wheelers out. First we followed Jerry, Jean and Jesse (in their car) out to look at a fallen tree. Jesse was lending his expertise to see wether the wood was any good and if it would be salvageable. Justin and I saw 5 white tail deer bounding across the field. They are so beautiful and can jump so HIGH! Jesse and Noah joined us 4 wheeling out in the pastures for a while. We always go out to the pasture right next to the house. It's an open field and we see how fast we can go. Not the safest thing to do but heck, it's fun! 60 miles an hour on a 4 wheeler when you can't see because your eyes are tearing from the cold just can't be beat! :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Noah's Wii and hanging out in Grandma Darlene's room. (Heated floors are fabulous!) We headed over to Terri's around 6ish for Christmas fun part 4!

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