Friday, June 29, 2007

coming soon...

hey everyone! justin and i had a great time in california even though we only saw each other for a few hours on sunday. i had such a good time with meaghan and as soon as i get the camera back i will post pictures etc. If you can't wait and must see some highlights now, please visit meaghan's blog by clicking on her link to the right.

justin's in illinois tonight. sonicflood is playing at a baseball game and then they have to drive to st. louis to catch a plane to orlando. he'll be back saturday night. traveling musicians are crazy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

best friends

today i leave for california for the weekend+monday. i'm so excited to see meaghan! the last time we were together i got my nose pierced and she got her belly button pierced. this time we'll see what mischief ensues!

p.s. justin will also be there. flood plays at the crystal cathedral! it will air on july 15th. mark your calendars!

Friday, June 15, 2007

happy anniversary cruise

for our second anniversary we got to go on a free cruise to the bahamas. sonicflood played on the "cruise for a cause" and i got to come along for free! we flew into orlando on monday the 4th and left out of port canaveral. we got to nassau, bahamas sometime in the night. the guys had to play a show on the island for some school kids, so brooke, (the bass player's wife) max (their 7 week old son) and i spent the afternoon wondering around the straw market. It was pretty hot so we decided to find a beach. i had seen one from the ship and as we were trying to find it we realized it was for the guests of the british colonial hilton only. well, forget that! we said. so we walked straight through the looby and out onto the beach. thank you hiltons for allowing us to use your beach, your beach chairs and towls and sunshade free of charge! :) here is our boat from the beach. ours in the one in the middle. later that night the guys had a concert for the bahamian (not bohemian) people. it was pretty cool and a lot of people came. later that night as we were waiting in line to show our seapasses to get back onto the dock where the boat was, the best thing happened! i found 50 bucks!! 50! it was just laying on the ground-wahoo me!
well the next day we were supposed to go to cococay, an island owned by royal carribean, but it was too stormy, so the captain said we would go on thursday instead. we entertained ourselves with a card game called Joe! It's pretty fun, but kind of a long game. thanks to justin, who hates cards, for playing anyway! you're great. (and he won.) well we did get a pretty good storm with lightning and thunder and all. close to do you have to be to a lightning strike in the ocean to get electrocuted? anyone who knows the answer, or just wants to speculate, feel free to leave a comment. anyways... we were supposed to go to cococay on thursday, but it was too stormy then too. so basically the one day we had sun, justin and i weren't able to hang out. i was really bummed about that, but at least we had an awesome room with a great balcony! we got back early friday morning and the wives flew back to nashville while the band went on to new york for another show. ahhh the life of a musician.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

memorial day

We spent Memorial day afternoon at J. Percy Priest Lake/ Reservior/ Whatever. So fun. Riley loved swimming and we enjoyed the sunshine. We felt moderatly white trashy due to the fact that we like to go to a place where there are two rather large no swimming signs which every one disregards and it's free. The places you have to pay have actual beaches with sand and all. All in all it was a nice relaxing day.

summer hair cut

Well, Dakota got his first summer haircut and he looks so cute. He's definetly not a baby any more, but a little man. Abbe e-mailed these pictures to me. Dakota was complaining one day saying "head hot" and the next day he woke up with crazy bed head so he got his hair cut. When Abbe asked him what he wanted his hair to look like, he said like daddy's. So here he is ready for summer!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

air riley

I have to give you an update on our little girl. She is learning to catch the frisbee. She's getting really good, if only I could learn how to throw one, we'd be a great team! I take her to the little park/huge yard down the street and throw it for here where there are no trees to mess it up. She does some pretty amazing twists in the air. Unfortunately this is the best shot so far. Maybe I'll post a video later.