Tuesday, August 28, 2007

racecars and blue guitars

So, Justin's new guitar came in the mail today. Well, I guess by the UPS! He's really excited about it. It's a Duesenberg and it's really cool. I like it because it's blue and it looks like a racecar. It's sound is sweet and jangly according to Justin. Whatever that means! :)

He's had some great gigs over the past few months. He got to play a few shows with Aaron Shust (the "My Savior Loves" guy), Shannon Brown (hit single "corn fed") and he's getting ready to go out with Michael Olson again. This last weekend he was very busy. On Friday night he played in Alabama with Jamie Fox and got home around 1:30 am. On Saturday morning he had to be at the airport at 9:15am to go to Ohio with Flood. They played a concert and he didn't get to bed until 2:15am and had to get up at 4:45am to get to the aiport. He got back Sunday morning at 7:30am and had to be at church to play by 8:30am. Needless to say Sunday afternoon he was napping. (I was too, I'll never miss an excuse to take a nap!) We had a lazy afternoon to catch up on sleep and he's back at it again this week! Rehearsal tomorrow and back on the road this Thursday. We're planning a little hike over Labor Day so I'll keep you posted!

Monday, August 20, 2007

what are the odds

So, I spent hours-literally hours- cleaning mine and Justin's cars inside and out yesterday because the weather girl assured me we wouldn't get rain for at least a week. What did it do last night? RAINED! I guess I should have washed the car sooner-we needed the rain.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

from one to two

well, i finished this project a while ago, but i just now got pictures of the final product. some of you may have heard that we had been searching for night stands. Let me just tell you, it's reather ridiculous what they charge for a few pieces of wood stuck together. So, one night we were walking Riley and in the alley I saw a sofa table sitting out for the trash. I freaked out, telling Justin, oh my gosh! we have to take that! we can make it into nightstands! Justin, not being as excited as I was, agreed. We chopped the table in half and I sanded it all down-by hand-not a fun process! Then Justin cut the legs down, because they were too tall, and I decided it would be better to take them completely apart because we were adding legs and a supporting piece so they would stand up properly. Then I primed and painted them. So, here's pcitures our process of making one table into two awesome nightstands!

Monday, August 13, 2007

great weekend

We had a great weekend! It was the first weekend in quite a while that Justin didn't have to work. On Friday afternoon, my boss took the whole lung team out to Bosco's for drinks and appetizers. We stayed for a few hours and then Ciara (my work friend) and I decided we didn't want our evening to end yet, so we went on to Bricktops, a newer restaurant. We called our boys and they came and joined us. We had a good time just talking and letting Mike and Justin meet and get to know each other.

Saturday we slept in and just we pretty lazy in the morning. Justin worked on songs for his gig next weekend. I met Marianne at the YMCA so we could lay out by the pool. It was so relaxing except that the water in the pool was really hot and not too much of a change from being out in the air, which we needed because it was close to 100! And the water tasted salty which was really weird. Oh well. That afternoon, we went to a graduation party. Paul, an intern with Sonicflood graduated from MTSU. We went to help him say, Yay! I did it! And in only 6 years! On Friday my wonderful co-worker, Harriet, gave me here Titans tickets for Saturday night. Who can pass up a free football game? Not me! We found an awesome parking space-go Justin!-and then walked over to the stadium and up the 500 switchbacks to get all the way to the top where our seats were. Thankfully we were on the west side, so the sun wasn't in our eyes. This is not from Saturday, but it's a view from pretty much where we were sitting. By the time we got all the way up to our seats we were so thirsty and of course you can't bring in any outside drinks. So Justin being the great husband he is, went to get us something to drink. Well, they only take cash and he had none, so he had to go all the way back to the ground level to the ATM and wait in a huge line to get cash, then walk all the way back up to our seats. WHEW! It took him about 30 minutes. And then our lemonade was 5 bucks....5 BUCKS! We left at half time because the game wasn't very interesting and it was only 3-0. Plus Vince Young didn't even play. On our trek back down, we realized what a beautiful skyline Nashville has with the Cumberland River and all. Then, we went to see The Jack Silverman Ordeal play at 12th South Tap Room. He's kind of fusion jazz. Anyway, it was really good.

Sunday we got up late and just laid in bed and read our books. We headed out to the lake around 11:30. It was great! There was absolutely no one there and we let Riley just run around without her leash. She doesn't go far and she really good at coming when she's called. She loves fetching sticks we throw her in the water. The water was the perfect temperature and it was a beautiful day! We went to a different spot than we normally do, and it was really nice. After we had been there for a while, this guy in a wheelchair wheeled himself down to the edge of the water and got out of his wheelchair. He didn't have any legs. He put on goggles and starting swimming away. He was amazing! He swam out so far we almost couldn't see him anymore! Then he came back, lifted himself back up into his wheelchair and hand-wheeled himself back to his car, and there's no path or anything. Wow! Go him. When we got home, Justin worked on songs some more and I did laundry-exciting, I know. We decided to try a church called Village Chapel, because it meets at night and then if Justin has a weekend gig, he'll usually be home in time to go with me. We liked it and the pastor's pretty cool. We'll see how we like it. So, all in all it was a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

i heart my dog

isn't she so pretty?

happy birthday to me

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent cards or called me or facebooked and all around made me feel special on my birthday-love you all!

So, my mom came for the weekend and we had a fabulous time! she got here on friday night and we went to blockbuster and rented girly movies. (justin was out of town it saturday noon-ish) we watched because i said so on friday night and then stayed up talking til almost one. i also opened my presents right away. i got steel magnolias from aaron (one of the best movies EVER), some awesome framed pictures of me and dakota and creyton from adam and abbe, some cute soaps and a magnet and money! from grandma and grandpa. mom and dad got me my water shoes and helped pitch in for my new kitchen knives, which i'm super excited about!

saturday we got up early-for a saturday at least-and on our way to the farmer's market we decided to stop and tour the library. stop laughing our library rocks and we both like them. then we went to the farmer's market and loaded up on fruit and veggies. we took riley to the dog park but it was so hot we didn't stay long. we picked justin up from the airport around noon. he was really tired because they played in nebraska in the middle of nowhere and had to do alot of traveling to get to the venue. in the afternoon mom and i did some shopping. yay for her being here during the tax free weekend! we went to cumberland transit and got some tevas for her and water shoes for me, then to fabu (a cute little botique), and the steve and barry's to check out sarah jessica parker's new line. side note: can i just tell you, this is the 3rd time i've shopped her new line and i LOVE it. the clothes and cute and cheap. that's her slogan "fashion is not a luxury". ANYWAY...saturday night we were all tired out so after a wonderful dinner of lamb-burgers (that's right lamb, i got it at the farmer's market and it was really good) and squash we watched the devil wears prada.

sunday we decided not to go to church, so we got up later and just hung around. mom and i went to bed bath and beyond to pick out my knives. they are WAY more expensive than i realized, but we had a really nice and very knowledgable man helping us. mom also came with me to run some errands like walgrens etc. we went to baja burrito to get las paletas (mexican gormet popsicles) which are amazing. both got pineapple kiwi and because of a mix up mom got a lime one for free! that night we all went to stoney river legendary steaks! for dinner. and the waiter gave mom a really funny look when he realized she wanted her sweet potato as her entree at a steak place. it was wonderful and i ate way too much. then we came back home and had our cheesecake from the cheesecake factory we had picked up earlier that day.

monday i had to go to work, so mom and justin came to get the tour and meet my co-workers. mom's plane left at noon, so justin took her to the airport. i had a great weekend!