Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the weekend

we had a great weekend. it's been awhile since justin's been home for a weekend, so we took full advantage. after the wedding on friday night, we both went our separate ways to hang out with friends. we were both out until 1:30 or 2:00 am! by the time we went to bed, it was pretty late. i woke up at about 9:45 on saturday, but we didn't get out of bed until noon! it was great to sleep in and just relax. when we got up we went out to the lake for a few hours. it was awesome! there we no one out there, literally. no one. the forecast was for scattered thunderstorms and i think it scared people away. it did rain on us a little bit at the beginning, but then the sun came out and it was beautiful! it water was perfect. we went a little farther down the bank than we normally do and it was a great spot. riley had a grand ol time. she wouldn't stop swimming unless we made her go to the bank and rest.

after an afternoon at the lake i was craving s'mores!! well usually when we make them, we have to do it in the microwave because we have no place to have a fire. well i really wanted fire s'mores, because they taste so much better and the marshmallows have that crusty outside. well after calling around to our friends, we couldn't find anywhere to go. so i decided that candles would work just as well. so we set up candles on an old folding chair on the back porch and roasted away. they were delicious!

after church on sunday and a lazy afternoon, we decided to go to the drive-in in kentucky that we weren't able to go to for our anniversary. hancock was playing, so we decided to drive on up. you'd think kentucky would be a long ways away, but it took us maaybe 45 minutes. and it was such a beautiful drive. we had to stop to ask directions, because google maps told us to turn the wrong way. i ran into the gas station to ask where the drive in was...

me: how do you get to the drive-in?

hick gas station attendant: welp, ya go out hare to the lat and tarn rat. then ya go bout 4 mile and it's on yar lef.
translation: well, you go to the light and turn right. go 4 miles and it's on the left.

me: thanks (thinking: wow! we're SO in kentucky)

so we made it. it was so much fun. especially the little concession stand advertisement. it was really, really old. like 50's old and so awesome. justin took a little video of it and if i ever figure out how to post video's on this, i will. we had a great time!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

friday night wedding

we went to a wedding last night. justin's friend seth got married in the old crockett house in crockett park. it was a beautiful, very simple, outdoor wedding. it ended up being a gorgeous night after raining all day. we had to leave early because justin had a gig, but we got to stick around long enough to congratulate the happy couple and grab some food. congratulations seth and megan!

all finished

well i got it all finished and it looks pretty good if i do say so myself! and, i didn't get hurt!

Monday, July 14, 2008

trying to be artistic

new project

So i decided to get a new mirror for the closet door in the bathroom because the old one is gross. Whoever put the mirror up originally, decided to paint the door and the mirror together-stupid! So when I took the mirror off the door, a bunch of paint peeled off with it-oops! It has white paint, then yellow paint, then green paint before finally getting down to the door. Although I think the coolest thing would be to have the natural wood, that would be way too much work. So, I've now decided to scrape and sand the door down and repaint it before hanging the new mirror. I figure this project involves no sharp objects and isn't outside, so I can't get hurt...right? Here's the disaster so far! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

rock. star.

up on stage "just like uncle justin" he sang and played "home on the range" for his audience of mom and creyton

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday creyton!

happy birthday little firecracker

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

country stampede

so justin played at country stampede in manhattan on saturday night. it was so much fun!!

i flew into KC friday night and stayed with kirk and marisa. we drove to manhattan saturday morning and met up with justin around noon. he had been in wisconsin and they bussed in to kansas over night. they played a couple other country festivals in wisconsin. they're biggest crowd was 70,000 people. justin said there were people to the horizon. we hung out in justin's hotel room for a few minutes before heading to so long saloon for lunch. after lunch we headed over to say hi to justin's mom and josh and kylea before heading back to the hotel. kirk and marisa dropped us off and went over to ben and kristin's (who were out of town-bummer!). my parents met us at the hotel and by then it was time to head over to stampede.

we waited in a line of cars for 45 minutes before we finally got to park. we should have followed justin in the artist shuttle and gotten good parking-oh well! we got our tickets and i had to go to another tent inside to get my back stage pass. when i finally figured out where that was, the lady gave me my envelope and said i had to go back right now! i wasn't sure what the rush was, but i soon figured it out. here's how it went...

lady: ok, hurry, you're the last one in line

me: ummm, ok

lady: it's just pictures with terri

me: what?

lady: it's just pictures at the meet and greet

me: oh, i don't want to meet her

lady: what?

me: what? i'm the guitar player's wife. i'm supposed to have a back stage pass.

lady: oh! you're anna!

it was pretty funny. we were giving each other the exact same look of confusion. so no one who was supposed to, had backstage passes, so she made some up for me and i was able to get my parents backstage too. we were trying to find a place to sit where we could still see when matt thiessen (who we met up with backstage) suggested we sit in the vacant VIP seats. best idea of the night! my parents and i sat about 3 rows back with matt and kirk and marisa. we were able to take some awesome pictures. (these are all courtesy of matt). it was the first time my parents had really gotten to see him play, so it was a really fun experience for them.

after the show we met up with everyone at little apple brewery. we had a full table justin, me, matt, mom and dad, patrick and lindsey, kirk and marisa, josh and kylea, and justin's mom and jeff. it was a great time to sit around and catch up with these awesome people. thanks to everyone who was able to come out and support our rockstar!! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy

Well, for those of you who didn't see me (thank GOD for that!) I got into some poison oak 2 weeks ago. i don't think i've ever been so miserable-except maybe when i had the flu while on crutches.

anyway, i decided that while justin was gone, i was going to clean up the flower bed that was completely over grown in the back yard. on tuesday night i spent about 3 hours, digging and pulling weeds and generally making things look pretty. little did i know that some of those "weeds" were poison oak!! I ended up getting it on my hands which then of course spread it everywhere.

on wednesday i noticed an itchy spot on my left forearm and left knee. they gradually got worse and worse and then started to spread. by friday night my face had started to itch....yes my FACE! justin came home on sunday and by then, i looked like a monster. no really...swollen red bumps everywhere. both arms, both legs, face, and stomach. i had used every cream in the book and was about to od on benadryl. justin was so great. i was pretty much like, hey honey welcome home! don't touch me!

finally on tuesday i went to the doctor and got the good stuff-steroids! after taking them i felt better almost immediately. my face is all back to normal and my arms and legs and stomach are getting there.