Monday, July 14, 2008

new project

So i decided to get a new mirror for the closet door in the bathroom because the old one is gross. Whoever put the mirror up originally, decided to paint the door and the mirror together-stupid! So when I took the mirror off the door, a bunch of paint peeled off with it-oops! It has white paint, then yellow paint, then green paint before finally getting down to the door. Although I think the coolest thing would be to have the natural wood, that would be way too much work. So, I've now decided to scrape and sand the door down and repaint it before hanging the new mirror. I figure this project involves no sharp objects and isn't outside, so I can't get hurt...right? Here's the disaster so far! :)


californiameaghan said...

ick. cant wait to see the finished project!

Anne said...

Yeah, we have had a couple of those projects! Good luck - everything can be accomplished with a little elbow grease!