Sunday, September 30, 2007

yoga and mowing

the combination of the two has made me SO SORE!! MY shoulders and upper back are killing me!! Saturday morning I went to yoga with my friend Ciara. It was a good class, but I hadn't been for a week or two and whew. I'll be sure to go regularly now! We did so much of down dog and warrior 2 (see pictures for reference) and that alone would make you shoulders sore. Then I mowed the lawn because it looks like a jungle and Justin won't be home for another couple of days. So all that together made getting up this morning not the most pleasant experience.

Justin's in Canada with Sonicflood this weekend. They're in Toronto. He will get back on Monday morning around 9:30 and then he has rehearsal and a gig in town that night. He's a busy man! Then he goes back to Canada with flood on Wednesday to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I'm jealous of all his travels. For this weekend they're flying in and out of Buffalo, NY and he said when they landed they could see mist from Niagra Falls. We are definetly going there some day.

Friday, September 28, 2007

harry potter

well, i have been sucked into the hype. i decided to read the harry potter books. i own the first one (it was a secret santa gift-thanks anne!) and decided to get the rest at the library. due to (a) everyone else and their dog reading these books so they are never AT the library and (b) me avoiding the library (see previous post) I decided borrowing the last few from our wonderful neighbors would speed up the process. It did. I was able to finish the last 3 books in 1 week. that's 1900+ pages people and why i'm a little tired today :) They are awesome. I share anne's views on how completely wrapped up you can get in the other world j.k rowling has created. kudos to ms. rowling. the end of the 6th book a major plot thing happens (i will not spoil it for any who have not yet read) and I totally gapsed out loud. justin looks over at me and say, "what?" i said," i can't tell you or it'll ruin it! but oh my gosh! oh my GOSH! i need to go talk to clayton and amanda!" (clayton and amanda = book lending neighbors) so needless to say, i react audibly when i read and jusitn gets a huge kick out of it.

so amanda and i went and saw harry potter 5 in the theaters on wednesday night, yes on a wednesday with the 4 other huge nerds that were there. i liked it, but as the books are getting more complex it's harder to fit it all into a movie without out making it ridiculously long (hello king kong! they could have cut an hour out of the dumb movie). so while i will go see the others in the theaters, i'm preparing myself for a little disappointment.

all that to say, i'm a harry potter fan.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

library book fiasco

So I noticed on my library account that i have an overdue book. What?! an over due book? that can't be! i always return on time...or at least only a few days late. not a month!! so, i scoured my house and both vehicles and can't find it anywhere. if anyone knows me, they know i check out stacks of books at a time and also return them in this manner so there is no way i can keep track of them individually. i'm just hoping it's a glitch in the system (or an incompetent library return worker) and they really do have it somewhere. i went to talk to the library return people and they said they'll put a search on it. it may take a few days, and if they don't find it, i'll be getting a call. i really hope they find it, because up til now i have been an excellent library patron. i really hope i didn't lose this book!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

labor day

so i'm about a week behind in my posts, but at least you're still reading them! over labor day justin and i decided we wanted to go on a hike somewhere, so we got on the tennessee national park website and found out that there are tons of state and national parks in tennessee! and a bunch within a day trip driving distance. we decided on fall creek falls because it was a little under 2 hours drive and we could take riley with us. we got up fairly early and packs up our backpacks and loaded up. on the way there riley had a great time with her head out the window and her lips pushed back by the wind. she looks hilarious!
it was a great little hike. beautiful hills/mountains (i don't know how big they have to be to be considered a mountain). we were about 1200 feet up. we parked and started at cane creek falls and then hiked over to fall creek falls. at the very beginning of the hike you have to go over this suspension bridge that can only hold 6 people at a time. luckily while we went across no one else was on it. Especially for Justin as he had Riley pulling as hard as she could on the leash so she could get to me on the other side. the hike was great! not too hard seeing as how we haven't done anything like this in forever! and there were a bunch of overlooks and overall beautiful scenery. when we got to the falls, the water was kind of pathetic, seeing as how we're in a drought. which we hadn't considered before. so we decided against the hike to the base of the falls because the pool at the bottom was pretty pathetic. one of the guys there said we really need to come back when we've had rain because it's pretty spectacular. we hiked back to cane creek falls and dropped our packs off in the car. we took riley back to the cascades for a little swimming. we could have swam too if we had known it was an option, but we didn't bring our suits. there were quite a few people out enjoying the beautiful weather. the water was so clear and it was the perfect temperature. justin capped it off with a wonderful sushi dinner. yummy. we had a great day and so much fun! on monday we just relaxed and lazed around the house most of the day. we also saw transformers. i was a little skeptical, but actually really liked it. i was laughing at just because when one of the transformers came on screen for the first time, he leans over to me and says, "that's optimus prime!" he was such a little kid and so cute!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

doll boys

these boys are the greatest!! i love them so much.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

hour of power

Well, the hour of power with Sonicflood finally aired. If you'd like to watch it, check it out here. Justin is on quite a bit. You can see me sitting in the very back if you strain really hard. No, not really! :) But I'm there! Anyway, check it out!