Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1/2 marathon

Well, I haven't talked much about training for this year's race. Probably because I hadn't been training as much as I should. Anywhoooo...I ended up hurting my foot after my 10 miler 3 weeks before the race. I have no idea what I did and none of the medical people I talked to about it had any idea either, so I just rested. Basically that meant that when the day of the race rolled around I hadn't done any physical activity for 3 weeks. Not smart. Plus race day was the hottest of the year. Not a good combo. I did finish...15 minutes slower than last year. And I didn't throw up, which is a step up from last year. Lots of people couldn't finish due to the heat and a 25 year old guy actually died after crossing the finish line because of a "cardiac event". So needless to say, I'm just glad I finished. Too bad I'm going to have to run the stupid thing again so I can run it under 2:30. That's my goal. As soon as I do that, I'm done...or so I say now.


my beautiful bushes around the yard

making some progress. the tomato is on the right with surrounding green bean sprouts and the left box is cucumbers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

come visit!

Hey all you Kansans. Just a little heads up. If you want to come visit us this summer, Kansas City is Southwest's featured destination for the next couple weeks, which means you can get really cheap flights in and out of KC. So use that as an excuse to come visit!

(Technically anyone wanting to fly anywhere in or out of KC can take advantage of this offer, but I think it should only be used to come see us. I'm not biased or anything, though.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

this and that

well, i haven’t posted in a while. it’s because i’ve actually been busy at work and haven’t had free time to blog. if we had internet at home, it wouldn’t be a problem but alas…

so last weekend was justin’s first week out with sara evans. they played a show in alabama and it was a try-out (sort of) for justin. everyone thought he was wonderful –of course. so now he’ll be playing with her. mark your calendars, kansans, he’ll been there july 5th.

while justin was gone i started a project. i built two raised vegetable boxes. i’m planning on four total, but haven’t finished the last two yet. i was going to build one big one, but i figured if we move before everything’s done blooming, i want to be able to easily take them with me. it only took me all afternoon and about a bazillion phone calls to my dad to finish the first box. the second went much faster, and i’m hoping the 3rd and 4th will be even easier. i’m planning on planting tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and strawberries. i originally planted the tomato off to the side, but have now moved it to the middle. when i went to water last night, i noticed my green beans had already sprouted and were decent sized!! i’ll take more pictures tonight.

i also planted some herbs in my pots out front and am excited to start cooking with them. i have rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, chives, cilantro and basil. yummy!!

as soon as i get the pictures loaded from this weekend, i’ll blog about how the half marathon went. big shocker--it was HARD!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, I’ve started my new job and everything seems to be going well! I couldn’t sleep at all on Sunday night. I guess I was more nervous than I thought. Monday went really well. My car is broken so poor Justin had to get up and have me at work by 6:45!! My new schedule is an earlier one, which I really appreciate but am still getting used to. I still feel a little disorganized and unsure of myself, but hey it’s only my second day!

Poor Pete (my Pathfinder) is getting old and a little shaky. Well, more than a little shaky. If I try to go more than 40 mph, the steering wheel shakes so badly, I can barely hold on. I have to slow down to below 30 before it stops. He’s getting his tires rotated and balanced this week to see if that will fix the problem. I’m not too hopeful though.

I can’t say that I’m happy UNC won the NCAA tourney. I did win my pool at work though! Go me! Now as the winner, I get to decide what type of breakfast the loser should bring to work. Bagels or donuts…..hmmmmm…

That’s pretty much all the news for today. Super exciting, huh? I could have gone into detail about my bathroom closet reorganization. Be glad I didn’t. Also, if you think of it, send Justin all the good luck and prayers you’ve got on Wednesday afternoon. He’s got an audition at 2:15. He’s such a big deal! :)