Monday, April 28, 2008

half marathon

well i did it! i ran my first half marathon. well... ran/walked.

the country music half marathon has bands play all along the race course and justin was in one of the bands. he had to be there at 6 am which meant he dropped my off at the starting line at 5:45 am. EARLY! plus it was raining. right after we took this picture, it really started pouring! we were drenched. this is my friend, rana, who ran with me. we were in corral 24 out of 32. there were about 1,000 people per corral, so it was a pretty big race-30,000+ people. the first gun went off at 7:00, but they do a wave start, so we didn't actually get to start until almost 8! rana and i ran together until about mile 9. it was fun to see her husband and mom cheering us on at miles 4 and 7. at mile 9, rana needed to stop to tie her shoe and wanted to walk a while, i wanted to keep running, so we split up. at mile 11.5 i got to see justin playing and it was fun to see him waving at me from up on stage. after that, it was killer. that last 1.5 miles are the most hilly and that last mile i wanted to die. my knees had been hurting from the first mile and by now, my left knee was about to give out. but i made it and finished in 2:46. not quite as fast as i had hoped but still good.

my times for each section of the race were:

first 3 miles: 39 minutes
second 3 miles: 39 minutes
next 4 miles: 53 minutes
last 3 miles: 35 minutes

it was great to see erich and rana's mom and our friends, chris and colleen cheering me on at the finish line. by the time i got through the maze at the finish line, grabbed my stuff and met back up with erich and rana, my legs were about to give out. they took me over to justin's band stand and i watched them cheer on the last of the full marathoners. home to pizza and a nap-a good day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

hit the road jack

Justin got the gig!!!

Most of you may not know, but Justin got on Terri Clark's summer tour! We are so excited and I'm so proud of him. It happened pretty quickly. Her band leader, Kevin originally called Justin for references for an acoustic/back ground singer. He recommend our friend Mark, who auditioned and got the gig. A few days after Mark called us to say he got the gig, Kevin called Justin back to tell him their lead guitarist just quit and did he know anyone who might want it. "Ummm....ME!" was the response he got. So, Kevin held us in suspense for a couple days while he decided. This morning, he came by the house to check out Justin's gear and to see how awesome he is! :) Justin called me about noon to tell me it's for sure! This is so great! The money will be great, and Justin gets to experience a real tour! And all you Manhattan-ites. He'll be playing at Country Stampede this year!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

locks of love

while i was home last weekend, i cut off 12 inches of my hair for locks of love. it felt great and i love my new do. thanks abbe! i had been growing it out for a while specifically to cut it for locks of love. it's going to be nice to have short hair for the summer. i don't know that i could have handled that mane much longer!