Thursday, May 21, 2009

flying sauced

justin's birthday was yesterday. he's 29 now. gettin old! ;) i threw a big party for him at the flying saucer. it's a really cool microbrew in downtown nashville. justin was joking that he didn't want to be "flying sauced" by the end of the night. he wasn't, but everything was a bit funnier to him i think. haha!! we had a great time. i think a least 40 people showed up. i'm really bad with estimating usually, but 30 people rsvp'ed and there were more than that, so i think 40's a pretty good guess. i made him a funfetti cake. he's like aaron with his cake tastes-boring. so i tried to spice up the white cake/white frosting combo by going with funfetti! i put strawberries in the middle and over the top. all the strawberries on top kept slipping off-really really frustrating! justin finally suggested to stick toothpicks in them-he's so smart! it worked and we were good to go. we were at the saucer from about 7-11 and hung out, talked, played pool and darts and generally had a good ol time. justin had bus call at midnight that same night so we were hightailing it outta there to make it in time. luckily, they were meeting just down the street from our house, so justin was only a few minutes late. thanks to everyone who came out to help justin celebrate!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

our house?

well... we were going to wait to post this until everything was completely final, but i can't wait. we have a house!!!!! (probably) the contract is set (we accepted their counter offer), but we're still waiting on some inspection details. as of right now, our close date is june 30. we're SO excited. everything happened so fast! we looked at the house (one of three) on the 5th and decided we really liked it. justin wanted to make an offer right away, but i was unsure. we had only looked at 3 houses-were we really sure we wanted this one? my fears were calmed, though, and we made an offer. we found out ours was the third offer and the house had only been on the market for 5 days! must be a pretty good house-huh? :) to add another element of stress, justin was in canada and unreachable by phone for this whole process. it was a lot of emailing, IM-ing and faxing forms to be signed. we got it all worked out and it was inspected on the 12th. we're waiting to hear back from them (hopefully today) about some of the repairs we've asked them to handle.

here's a link if you want to check it out and see some more pics. i'm also taking suggestions as to what color to paint that hideous paneling in the den. (sorry if you like paneling.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend home

i went home this weekend. it was a great trip. we were celebrating dakota’s birthday and mother’s day. i got in on friday night and i got to see aaron and jessie for a bit after they got home from the rodeo. the riverfest put on the rodeo and apparently it was terrible. the bulls just weren’t bucking.

saturday morning mom and i headed to imagine that! the best toy store ever. we got dakota his birthday presents. i got him a little hand puppet-hard hat harry. he’s pretty awesome. the boys came over right as we got home and we played out on the new deck and shot dad’s new pellet gun. (although it looks more like a sniper rifle!) just like when we were kids, i’m still the best shot. we mutilated a couple paper targets and a diet dr. pepper can. it was fun! that night we headed over to adam and abbe’s for dakota’s 4th birthday party. it was john deere themed and we had a great time! abbe made yummy quesadillas and a tractor cake. we played t-ball and the little boys pushed their new plastic mowers around in the front yard. (i was banned from hitting the ball after i hit it onto the next door neighbor’s roof. oops!) later, we were treated to a dance session to the song “move it!” from madagascar by the boys. they are so cute!

sunday we headed to church in the morning and had lunch at mom and dad’s for mother’s day. everyone was over and we had some good family hang out time. we had to watch the “bat video” because jessie had never seen it. (if you don’t know what the bat video is, i’m sorry-it’s hilarious!!) we left a little late for the airport and i was worried i wouldn’t make it. i’ve always wanted to run through the airport, but i don’t really want to be late for my flight. i was afraid my bag wouldn’t make it, but it did and all is well.

rope swing fun