Sunday, May 15, 2011

What have we been up to?

Well since I haven't posted in eons, I'd thought I'd try to give you a quick update...

Obviously, I'm pregnant (YAY!!) and we found out on the 11th that we're having a BOY and we couldn't be more excited! Yes, we have a name and no, we're not sharing yet. :) Yes, I'm feeling fine and no, you can't touch my belly.

Let's back up a bit though. Over spring break my parents made their usual trip down. They are a-mazing! They got so much work done for us. Landscaping and cleaning and odd jobs and buying me clothes :). They helped get my garden ready, cleaned out our flower beds, cleaned out our pond (a huge job), ripped out bushes and monkey grass. I mean ridiculous. It was great to have them here.

I've been working around the yard as much as possible and although, I do get tired quicker than usual, I've made some progress. I planted our vegetable garden along with a few flowers here and there, ripped out a little 2 brick high divider "wall" along the driveway and with the help of Justin have been slowly trying to get our flower beds in the front in working condition.

Justin is still traveling with David Nail and working quite a bit around town. He also been working in the studio a lot! He's played on Gospel singer, Mandisa's new album (everyone go buy it!) and recorded a track that will be on the next Footloose movie. Pretty awesome!

My wonderful Grandpa Elliott passed away on Easter Sunday night and so we headed home for the memorial service. It was so nice to see family, even if it was unfortunate circumstances. He suffered from Alzheimer's so we are so thankful he's not suffering anymore.

I also decided to tackle re-doing the bathroom since the nursery is still full of guitar gear, I though it would be a good project for me to keep busy. :) Anyway, the bathroom has bead board halfway up the wall and then regular drywall the rest of the way up. Well due to many factors, I decided to cut the bead board down about 4 inches and put up new trim at the top. I also wanted to sand down all the trim around the door and the baseboards and the remaining bead board because it was all a goopy mess. Well that of course, took much longer than planned and I can say I made a HUGE mess and was covered in dust for two solid days? Yeah, I was. Well the sanding and putty-ing is finally finished and I'm ready to paint, but BIG problem...we found MOLD!!! AHHHH! So frustrating. So Justin is going to try to replace the drywall where we found it because we're 99% sure it cam from a leak in the shower head and has seeped through the sheetrock. FUN! not. Plus, that's the only bathroom with a shower, so I showered at a friends last night and we'll see how long it takes to fix this issue. And maybe, if you're lucky, and I'm feeling generous. I'll post some before and after pics when the whole thing is done. :)

Ok that's it for now, I think you're all caught up.