Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i just can't seem to stay away

sorry to you facebookers who have already read this, just skip to the pictures at the bottom.

I was helping Justin on Monday night. He was revelcro-ing his pedal board and wanted my help getting all the sticky velcro residue off the bottom on the pedals. Well, I took the hardest one, with all the gunk on the bottom. I was trying to get it off with some krud kutter (not as good as goo-gone) and a razor blade. see where this is going? note to self: cut AWAY from your body. anyway, the blade slipped and the razor went into my left index finger, by the top knuckle, on the side by my thumb.

i yelled, grabbed my finger and ran into the bathroom. i couldn't bring myself to look at it so i yelled for justin to come help me. he told me i had to let go and wash it out at least. so i took my hand away and ran it under the faucet. well the water running down the drain was much more blood than water, this sucker was gushing! it was obviously not going to stop bleeding, so i clamped my hand back over the finger. we put a couple pieces of gauze over it and they were soaked pretty quickly. we changed the gauze and taped it up really really tight. justin said that if it hadn't stopped bleeding when we were getting ready for bed, we had to go to the ER. i DID NOT want to go.

so, i watched a movie and he worked on his pedal board for a couple hours. then we took the tape off. hadn't so much stopped bleeding, darn it! it wasn't gushing like before, but it was definitely still bleeding. so we went the the ER and waited and waited and waited.

it took forever to get back to a room! but once we did they were pretty quick. they numbed up my finger, which really hurt! the doctor put the numbing needle all the way through my finger and into my palm! that was nasty! then she stitched me up very nicely. 5 in all. we got home around 1:30. yuck! so i skipped work yesterday!

get ready for some awesomely gross pictures! sorry they're kind of washed out.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new camera

we bought a new digital camera! justin used most of his birthday money on it. we've needed a new one for quite some time. the flash on the old one has been broken since i dropped it a loooong time ago. yay for no more blurry pictures! it's a digital canon powershot sd100is, for you tech nerds who wanted to know. the is stands for image stabilization, which helps the picture to not be blurry when you don't use the flash. super cool!

happy birthday justin!

justin turned 28 on the 20th. i threw a party for him at our house and it was quite a success if i do say so myself! originally we were going to have the party on the 20th at 8:00. as i turns out we found out a few days before that one of justin's favorite guitar players, bill frisell, was having a concert at the exact same time. so we were able to change the party from tuesday to monday. we had about 20 people over and partied til the wee hours. really! the last people left at about 1:15 am! we had so much fun and i think justin felt pretty loved up on.

check the awesome guitar cake i made. thanks, jean for the mold!

singing happy birthday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

wire cutters and nose rings

so i decided last night to switch out my nose ring. the one i had in had been in for over a year and the "diamond" had fallen out at least nine months ago. i would have switched it sooner, but putting it in was fairly traumatic, so i didn't really want to go through that again. when i put it in originally justin had to do it for me because it hurt too bad to do it myself. it's basically a stud with a little ball on the end to keep it from coming back out. the only problem is that the ball is bigger than the hole it needs to fit through. last time justin had to shove it through for me. this time i wanted him to pull it out for me. here's how the conversation went:

A: Ok, you're just going to have to pull it out.

J: Why can't you do it?

A: I can't. It hurts too much and I can't hurt myself on purpose.

J: Ok, well how am I supposed to do this.

A: Just pull it. 1,2,3 go, pull hard, fast, just go.

J: I can't, I don't want to hurt you.

A: Just do it, pull fast, come on, go.

J: Is it straight?

A: YES! Just do it! Pull!

J: This isn't working. It sticks out far enough, maybe we could cut it off with wire cutters?


So we got the wire cutters and I decided I wanted to do it myself. Well I couldn't see well enough, so Justin had to do it...

J: Ok, push the stud out from the inside so it sticks out really far.

A: This is freaking me out.

J: It'll be fine. I just want to make sure I'm only cutting the metal and nothing else.

A: Yeah, that would be good.

J: Ok, you ready?

A (with eyes closed): Yes, go!

SNAP! Off it came in two little pieces. Piece of cake. My new one has no ball on the end and is much smaller than the old one. Hallelujah! I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. :)