Saturday, December 4, 2010

my dad is awesome

That's pretty much the consensus at the Ostrander house. While he was visiting he changed our furnace filter, the windshield wipers in Justin's car and hung pegboard in the garden closet section of the studio. He's the best!

My parents came to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sadly, Justin was out of town for most of the time, but we still had fun. They got in Friday night and we headed over to the Nashville Night Market. (It's a new thing the farmer's market is doing about once a month. Some of the vendors come out from 6-8 on Friday night.) It was pretty cool. Sample city!! I wish we hadn't eaten dinner before we went. We could have eaten for free. We sampled some amazing apple cider, sausage, popcorn, sweets and other things. We also picked up our meat order from Weldon over at Emerald Glen Farms. They also had the best apple cider ever.

Saturday we went to Great Harvest bread. The manager gave us so many sample tastes of things, we were stuffed before we even paid for what we picked out. A stop at Whole Foods was a must as well as to Trader Joe's. That afternoon we also went to the Frist Museum so they could check out the Chihuly exhibit as well as "The Birth of Impressionism". The best part was the Children's area. :) We played with blocks, created our own stop animation, drew a mannequin from different angles and drew each other's faces through a glass wall with dry erase markers. This is my drawing of Mom. Not bad?

Both Saturday and Sunday we worked out in the studio some. Mom and Dad helped to clean out the garden closet and Dad hung the pegboard and helped me figure out the best way to hang everything on the wall. Justin and I had tried to hang the pegboard before, but our sad little circular saw wouldn't cut through the board. Turns out, no matter how powerful your battery is, the saw won't cut if every other tooth is missing. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, Dad! :)

Justin came home Sunday early afternoon and we ate a late lunch before taking them back to the airport. After dropping them off, Justin said, "Your dad is awesome!" and I said, "He totally is."