Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy birthday justin!

justin turned 28 on the 20th. i threw a party for him at our house and it was quite a success if i do say so myself! originally we were going to have the party on the 20th at 8:00. as i turns out we found out a few days before that one of justin's favorite guitar players, bill frisell, was having a concert at the exact same time. so we were able to change the party from tuesday to monday. we had about 20 people over and partied til the wee hours. really! the last people left at about 1:15 am! we had so much fun and i think justin felt pretty loved up on.

check the awesome guitar cake i made. thanks, jean for the mold!

singing happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

anna- that cake is awesome, i am so proud of you!

Mom said...

Anna - Ok - read like Frank from "Father of the Bride!" The cake is fabulous! It is what all the guitar players are serving at the most fashionalbe birthday parties!
So you should not only go into the cookie business, but the cake business!

californiameaghan said...

nice work on the cake! jeremy should get a couple tips from you!