Friday, April 25, 2008

hit the road jack

Justin got the gig!!!

Most of you may not know, but Justin got on Terri Clark's summer tour! We are so excited and I'm so proud of him. It happened pretty quickly. Her band leader, Kevin originally called Justin for references for an acoustic/back ground singer. He recommend our friend Mark, who auditioned and got the gig. A few days after Mark called us to say he got the gig, Kevin called Justin back to tell him their lead guitarist just quit and did he know anyone who might want it. "Ummm....ME!" was the response he got. So, Kevin held us in suspense for a couple days while he decided. This morning, he came by the house to check out Justin's gear and to see how awesome he is! :) Justin called me about noon to tell me it's for sure! This is so great! The money will be great, and Justin gets to experience a real tour! And all you Manhattan-ites. He'll be playing at Country Stampede this year!


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Anne said...

I didn't know about that! I will have to tell my mom - she goes to CS every year! That is so cool and great for J's career! Massive amounts of good luck for the race today! I *hope* you *win*!