Wednesday, September 12, 2007

library book fiasco

So I noticed on my library account that i have an overdue book. What?! an over due book? that can't be! i always return on time...or at least only a few days late. not a month!! so, i scoured my house and both vehicles and can't find it anywhere. if anyone knows me, they know i check out stacks of books at a time and also return them in this manner so there is no way i can keep track of them individually. i'm just hoping it's a glitch in the system (or an incompetent library return worker) and they really do have it somewhere. i went to talk to the library return people and they said they'll put a search on it. it may take a few days, and if they don't find it, i'll be getting a call. i really hope they find it, because up til now i have been an excellent library patron. i really hope i didn't lose this book!

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Anne said...

Uh, I have the nagging feeling that I've recently done the same thing. Books are so nondescript - how am I supposed to keep track of them? Oh, dear, I bet I owe the library $10, but we're in Johnson County, so make that $50 because we don't drive a Lexus! Anne*