Friday, September 28, 2007

harry potter

well, i have been sucked into the hype. i decided to read the harry potter books. i own the first one (it was a secret santa gift-thanks anne!) and decided to get the rest at the library. due to (a) everyone else and their dog reading these books so they are never AT the library and (b) me avoiding the library (see previous post) I decided borrowing the last few from our wonderful neighbors would speed up the process. It did. I was able to finish the last 3 books in 1 week. that's 1900+ pages people and why i'm a little tired today :) They are awesome. I share anne's views on how completely wrapped up you can get in the other world j.k rowling has created. kudos to ms. rowling. the end of the 6th book a major plot thing happens (i will not spoil it for any who have not yet read) and I totally gapsed out loud. justin looks over at me and say, "what?" i said," i can't tell you or it'll ruin it! but oh my gosh! oh my GOSH! i need to go talk to clayton and amanda!" (clayton and amanda = book lending neighbors) so needless to say, i react audibly when i read and jusitn gets a huge kick out of it.

so amanda and i went and saw harry potter 5 in the theaters on wednesday night, yes on a wednesday with the 4 other huge nerds that were there. i liked it, but as the books are getting more complex it's harder to fit it all into a movie without out making it ridiculously long (hello king kong! they could have cut an hour out of the dumb movie). so while i will go see the others in the theaters, i'm preparing myself for a little disappointment.

all that to say, i'm a harry potter fan.

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Anne said...

A HUGE nerd, yes, but as a fellow HP fan, I still think you're cool. Besides, as escapist literature goes, we're a lot less nerdy than the guys reading the 49 books in the series entitled The Avenging Sword of the Lake of Darkness and Close-by Radical Elfish Peoples in Handmade Kilt-like Garments Made from Yet-to-be-discovered Reptiles Who Eat . . . I lost that thought, but hopefully you know what I mean! As HP fans, we're SO MUCH cooler!