Sunday, September 30, 2007

yoga and mowing

the combination of the two has made me SO SORE!! MY shoulders and upper back are killing me!! Saturday morning I went to yoga with my friend Ciara. It was a good class, but I hadn't been for a week or two and whew. I'll be sure to go regularly now! We did so much of down dog and warrior 2 (see pictures for reference) and that alone would make you shoulders sore. Then I mowed the lawn because it looks like a jungle and Justin won't be home for another couple of days. So all that together made getting up this morning not the most pleasant experience.

Justin's in Canada with Sonicflood this weekend. They're in Toronto. He will get back on Monday morning around 9:30 and then he has rehearsal and a gig in town that night. He's a busy man! Then he goes back to Canada with flood on Wednesday to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I'm jealous of all his travels. For this weekend they're flying in and out of Buffalo, NY and he said when they landed they could see mist from Niagra Falls. We are definetly going there some day.

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Anne said...

Yippee for yoga - I got a super thick mat to use on our wood floors and I get to do YOGA tonight! If I can't relax my brain, I'll at least relax my body!