Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my crazy dog

So yesterday I decided to take Riley to the dog park while Justin was napping. If you ask her if she wants to go to the dog park, she knows exactly what you're taking about and runs right over to her leash and starts whining. As we get closer to the park she gets more and more excited. Yesterday, she got a little too excited. I had the window down so Rily could sniff the wonderful, yummy dog scented air. The street the dog park borders has a steep hill about as tall as me from the curb up until it levels off for the fenced in area. I was turning left onto the dog park street from the main street and getting ready to park along the curb. I was still going about 15-20 mph when all of a sudden Riley launches herself out the window! Because we were going so fast she nailed the side of the hill and couldn't keep on her feet so she rolled down the hill onto the street. I slammed on my brakes, threw the car into reverse, and jumped out to make sure she was okay. She's covered in grass and looking very proud of herself. I yelled at her and she knew she was in trouble so she cowered down. Well I got her back in the car and made sure she was okay, which of course she was, little idiot. Because, hey, if I launched myself into the side of a hill going 20 miles an hour, I'd walk away without a scratch too! Geez! So I put her on her leash and we get back out of the car and the lady who had pulled up to park behind me had seen the whole thing. She then proceeded to tell me that I had almost run Riley over with my back tires because of how she rolled down the hill. I could have killed that dumb dog! Well, I guess I almost did! Anyway, she gave me quite a scare, but she's fine, if not revoked of all window downage priviledges for a looooong time.


Anne said...

The country people I know (*coughhusbandcough*) say that is exactly how you teach the dogs to ride in the back of the truck without jumping out. They actually push the dogs out (or let them jump) at about 20mph and then they're taught. On gravel roads they just tuck up and roll. So far, both of mine have stayed in/on the vehicle they're riding, but I sympathize with dumb dogs.

Did I tell you that Boris jumps out the back window of the house, onto a picnic table and into his fenced backyard? And then back in? C taught him that. Great.

frenchgirl said...

hilarious story!

californiameaghan said...

i don't know who anne is but she is definitely on to something there. the farm people i know < cough husband cough > wouldnt hesitate to run the dog over because, well "the dog should have moved. he knew it was his time to go." not that that has ever actually happened to his favorite dog named bj or anything.

this is the heartless man i am married to. sheesh.

justinO said...

she has tried to jump out of my car, too. she saw some other dogs walking with their owner on the sidewalk and decided they needed a good licking. i barely caught her by a fistful of loose dog skin and threw her back through the window. almost got in a wreck. little turd.