Thursday, October 18, 2007

spousal abuse

justin hit me with his car on monday. it left a bruise. just a little one but a bruise none the less. let me fill you in. justin's mom was visiting for the weekend (i'll post about that when i get all the pictures) and so they came to eat lunch with me before she left. after lunch when dropping me off, usually justin pulls onto the little side street where he can park and i can take my time getting out. well, for some reason he didn't on monday. he stopped at the 4 way stop and told me to just hop out. i did and gave terri a quick hug before she left. by now there were a few cars waiting behind us. so, both justin and i being in a hurry, i started across the crosswalk in front of justin at the same time he started across. well he hit my leg with the corner of the car. not very hard, grandma. don't get worried. well he stopped really fast and i slammed my hand onto the hood and yelled, yes yelled, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? it's about lunch time, so there are quite a few people out and about. a group of construction workers crossing on the other side of the crosswalk stared over at me. justin and i both looked at each other, shook our heads, and i walked on. he even left a little black mark on my scrub pants. you think i should press charges? juuuust kidding.


Anonymous said...

Press charges. Definitely. I no longer move furniture with C - it comes off as a princess attitude, but after having a mattress, couch, and chest of drawers make contact with my head, no more. I pay other men in food and beer to move my stuff and everyone's happier that way. C drives like a grandpa too - but I'll watch out for Justin if I visit. That guy is DANGEROUS! AnneR

frenchgirl said...

that is hilarious.

teason said...

did you see the season premiere of the office? haha.