Sunday, August 19, 2007

from one to two

well, i finished this project a while ago, but i just now got pictures of the final product. some of you may have heard that we had been searching for night stands. Let me just tell you, it's reather ridiculous what they charge for a few pieces of wood stuck together. So, one night we were walking Riley and in the alley I saw a sofa table sitting out for the trash. I freaked out, telling Justin, oh my gosh! we have to take that! we can make it into nightstands! Justin, not being as excited as I was, agreed. We chopped the table in half and I sanded it all down-by hand-not a fun process! Then Justin cut the legs down, because they were too tall, and I decided it would be better to take them completely apart because we were adding legs and a supporting piece so they would stand up properly. Then I primed and painted them. So, here's pcitures our process of making one table into two awesome nightstands!