Monday, January 5, 2009



mom said...

little miss kerry
stood with her family
playing a newly given wii
she flung and she punched
she swatted and she grunched
and said, "What a big DORK am ME!"

annaO said...

you are a big dork. but only because you are such an english teacher who wrote a poem as a comment.

what the heck does grunched mean?

mom said...

i don't know! it rhymed with punch!
i should have said -
little kerry doll
had a ball -
then it would have sounded more like little jack horner!
seriously - when i saw the pictures i just thought -
"What a big dork am I!" - hence the poem!
I thought it was clever........kinda.....

mom said...

speaking of clever - your title! :)

californiameaghan said...

oh kerry i love you so much! my mom played the wii over christmas too but not as enthusiastically!

Anne said...

Okay, Riley is on the floor in the first two pictures and not in the following four - be honest, did someone step on her? That always happens at my house . . .