Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas fun-part 4

We got to Terri's in time for dinner. She made a fabulous brisket with all the fixins! After dinner, we opened more presents! This was our 4th Christmas. Not bad. :) We got some wonderful things and again, everyone enjoyed their CDs. Riley got another gift from Terri. It is a green ball that moves on it's own when you push the little button. Riley was a little confused by it at first, but it was hilarious. She loves to play with it. (And Terri, we replaced the batteries and it works much better on our wood floors.)

The day after Christmas we met up with Jesse and headed over to Target to start boosting the economy with all our Christmas money and gift certificates! We spent about and hour there (I could have stayed MUCH longer) and then went over to Panera to grab lunch before heading over to the mall and Best Buy. As we were eating Justin started to not feel well. We decided to just head back to Terri's so he could lay down. Poor guy ended up getting really sick. The kind of sick where you're sitting on the toilet with a trash can in your lap. That's all I'm gonna say.

While Justin was being a sicky in the back bedroom, I got to hang out with some great friends. I got to see Anne and we ran a few errands while we talked in the car. We also stopped at the pet store to look at the adorable puppies. We also STILL have no picture together. That night I went over the the Duell's to catch up with them and see little Jaiya again. She liked Riley, for the most part, except when her tail whacked her in the face. We love the Duells and enjoyed hanging out for a while. Terri and I also got to go one some nice walks. The weather was crazy nice a few days so we took advantage.

On Sunday, Justin was feeling a little better so we headed to KC to hang out with Kirk and Marisa. We went to P.F. Chang's (of course) on the Plaza. It was a unique experience because it took forever to get our food and they kept messing things up. We were there for over 2 hours and we weren't just sitting around. When we got back to their house, Justin took a little nap while the rest of us played Scategories. Kirk won, which was pretty miraculous considering her was playing with Marisa and me. :) After Justin woke up we went bowling. I scored a 141 the second game! My best score ever! I think it was all the practice with Wii bowling. In the morning Kirk and I made his famous cinnamon apple pancakes, fried eggs and bacon. Poor Justin still wasn't feeling that great, so he didn't eat. We headed back to Manhattan to spend some more time there because Justin had been so sick. We were able to hang out some more (especially Justin) with Jesse, Josh and Kylea.

We had a great time and the drive back wasn't even that bad! We only had to stop for gas once! That's pretty amazing for a 680 mile drive. Go Hiro the Honda! I love exclamation points! I think that pretty much sums up our Christmas travels. And hey, it only took me 3 weeks to post it all.

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