Tuesday, January 6, 2009

christmas fun-part 2

We always spend Christmas Eve at my Grandma and Grandpa Elliott's. We have a wonderful dinner and then dive in to the festivities. We always read a little piece and then light our respective advent candles, (Worked out nicely that there were 5 grandkids. We'll see about the greats!) then dig into the gifts! This year most of the gifts were for the little boys. They also loved playing with the oldies but goodies, tinker toys!
For the grown ups, Mom decided that in the spirit of last year's hideous sweater competition we should play some sort of game. Since most of us usually end up asking for gift cards anyway, we each chipped in and there were 13 different gift cards to win to places like Home Depot and Best Buy for the boys and Hobby Lobby and Victoria's Secret for the girls. We divided into pairs according to birthday and competed for pennies answering Christmas trivia questions. After all the questions were answered we were on our own and divided up the pennies to begin bidding on the card we wanted. It was pretty fun and I think everyone ended up with a card they wanted...or at least they could use! :)


californiameaghan said...

that sounds like a super fun game. what cards did you guys wind up with?

annaO said...

Best Buy and Hobby Lobby. Not too shabby.