Saturday, January 3, 2009

christmas fun-part 1

Well, I'm sitting in a coffee shop thinking it's going to take me forever to update about our Christmas. It was a great trip. I'll try to go in chronological order and not make this too long.

We left for Wichita at midnight on Friday the 19th. We arrived on Saturday at about 10:40. Pretty good time-huh? We pretty much just chilled out on Saturday because we were pretty tired from the drive. Matt called Justin to play at church that night, so he did. The little boys came over for a little bit and they are always so much fun. While we were eating dinner Dakota asked my mom a question.

Dakota: Nana what's that town?
Nana: Nashville?
Dakota: Yeah. Aunt Anna can I come visit you in Nashville?

How cute is he?! He also decided he needed to get Riley a present so he got her a rawhide. It's her new treasure and she hides it all over the house.

Sunday morning we went to church with my parents and got to talk to the Aboods for a few minutes and give them their Christmas present. (More about that in another post.) For lunch the whole immediate family got together. Mom scared Adam and Aaron for a minute asking them what they wanted on their sandwiches. After both of them almost had a heart attack, she assured them we would be having the traditional beef and noodles for dinner. After lunch, much unwrapping ensued. Most of it revolved around the little boys, of course, but we all got some great presents: a Wii, a new garage door and money for a shotgun. Guess which gift was for who! Dakota got a full scale "worker man" outfit and Creyton got this hilarious bouncing horse thing. The big boys enjoyed the toys as much or more than the little boys. We set up the Wii that night and hilarity followed.

Sunday night we got to go visit Matt and Michele. It was fun to catch up with them even though our dog pooped in their (unfinished) basement. Huge embarrassment! Monday was a day of relaxing and friends. I got to hang out with high school friends Lauren and Mallory. So fun to see them especially since both are pregnant. I also got to see some college roomies, Katie and Amy (and Kyle :)). Kirk came down for a few days to hang out with Justin since Marisa was in the middle of a 30 hour shift. Dang residency!

Mom and I also saved some time to go shopping. It's the little things like now having stacking cooling racks and actual pot holders instead of having to use my rags! I also taught Mom how to knit. She learned as a kid and just needed a little refresher. She's put me to shame and will have her first scarf finished before she goes back to school.

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