Thursday, December 18, 2008

a little dumber?

well, justin had his wisdom teeth removed last friday. he did very well. he was a little nervous going into it. he originally asked for deep sedation (knocked completely out) but they didn't have any openings before christmas. so, they had to give him IV conscious sedation. this means, you're awake for the procedure, but pretty much don't remember anything, or if you do it's all happy. justin doesn't even remember them doing the local numbing. after they were all finished, i went in to see how he was doing. he was great, but a little loopy. he told me about 5 times that they "had a rookie" putting in his IV and he missed the first time. he did get a pretty awesome bruise on the back of his hand. we made it home with him wearing his awesome double ice pack. as silly as it looks, that thing was awesome. i think i went through a whole bag of ice from the gas station refilling that thing for 3 or 4 days. he really didn't swell until saturday afternoon and i think his worst day was sunday. but he's gradually getting better each day. today he had his one week follow up and they said his gums are a little inflamed, but nothing to worry about. yay for a complication free procedure!!

p.s. 10 points if you got the really bad joke that is the title of this post.

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Anne said...

I'm totally up 10 points - just so you know . . .