Monday, December 1, 2008

giving thanks

well we had a great thanksgiving and the turkey ended up turning out great. (although, i don't think i'll use an oven bag again. didn't like how it burned the skin.) we had some friends over who didn't go home for the holidays. it was a small and kind of random group, but we had a good time and good food.

it was so fun to have 4 days off - in a row! justin and i had fun just hanging out together. we decorated the house for christmas and put up our icicle lights around the porch and our christmas tree. sadly our little christmas tree had the bottom third of the lights go out. i may try to fix it, or i might just say screw it. justin wants to fix it. maybe i'll just let him do it. i'm thinking next year we need a new tree!

we also did a little shopping, although we waited until saturday. justin found a jacket at the first store we looked in! if any of you know me, you know how happy that made me. get in, get out. that's my shopping motto in general.

december is going to fly by! i already can't believe it's the first. we are pretty busy until we head back to kansas. i have volleyball games on monday nights, and a girl's group on tuesdays. we have small group with our church on wednesdays. and justin's busy every weekend until we head home. this weekend he was in north carolina with whitney, next weekend he'll be in san diego with married by elvis and the next weekend he gets his wisdom teeth out. poor guy! plus we have either a birthday or christmas party every weekend. craziness!

well i was going to post thanksgiving pictures, but we really didn't take any and the one of me in the kitchen looks like i'm pregnant, so i'll leave you with cookies.


Anne said...

Can I have a cookie?

lgraves said...

anna - how do you get your frosting so richly colored?