Tuesday, February 3, 2009

random ramblings

first of all, happy belated kansas day! i went and bought myself some flowers for the occasion.

well we had a busy weekend! we helped our good friends, erich and rana move into a fabulous new house on saturday. while we were moving we found out that 5 of us had all been downtown the night before in about a 2 block strip. i don't know how we didn't see each other! they had a lot of help and we got them all moved out and then back in in about 2 hours. some of the moving crew also went and helped another guy from church move in. we'll definitely be calling this group to help us when we move. (if we ever do!)

saturday night we went to a benefit concert for our friend, beau. he's traveling to australia and new zealand to train with YWAM before heading to africa for his mission trips. the show was great and last i heard he had raised over $1000 in just that one night! sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to church after 2 late nights in a row.

we watched the super bowl at some friend's house. i made super bowl sugar cookies. of course. we had a little game going that whichever team you wanted to win, you needed to eat those cookies. well the cardinals got eaten all up first, but i guess it didn't really help. fun game. lame commercials.

and last but not least, yesterday was my wonderful brother, Adam's birthday. Happy Birthday Adam!

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smithec said...

Anna - those cookies were adorable! You are a talented decorator! :)