Monday, February 23, 2009

two weekends in review

well, i never posted about last weekend, so i'll start there. we had some old manhattan friends, ken and kerry com visit. we had a fun time with them and got to do a few middle tennessee things we wouldn't normally. so glad we did! we drove down to lynchburg on saturday to tour the one and only jack daniel's distillery. it was pretty awesome. although i'm not a huge fan of (or a fan of at all really) whiskey, it was pretty dang cool! every single drop of jack daniel's whiskey is made in lynchburg, tennessee. the tour is free and we had the best tour guide EVER-big randy. if i can get the video to rotate, i'll post it on here. he was amazing. the tour takes you through the entire process of distilling from, fermenting to mellowing to barreling to bottling. It was really cool to see the whole process. there's a part of the tour where you can take a big whiff of the mash while it's fermenting. you can pretty much get drunk off the fumes. big randy told us to lean down and take a big whiff. here's justin's reaction. whew!! they also have a room in showcasing how much whiskey is in a single barrel. they have a group called the single barrel society. it chronicles all the people or businesses or organi- zations that have bought an entire barrel of whiskey (which costs about $10,000!). it's pretty cool. the funniest part of the whole thing is that lynchburg is in a dry county, so even if you wanted to buy and/or drink whiskey there-it's illegal! we also checked out the parthenon, the grand ol opry hotel and checked out a writer's round.

this weekend we went to a marriage seminar at church. it was really good. in general i don't like things like this and i think they're boring and they make me tired. this was different. carl and virginia harrington, the couple who led it, came up from atlanta and pastor our sister church there. they were fabulous! we found out that they had lived in manhattan for a few years some time ago and know bob and sandie anderson-small world!! sunday afternoon rana and i ran 6 miles! yay us! sunday night we went out to celebrate chris's birthday. it was fun to hang out with a bunch of friends! happy birthday chris!

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californiameaghan said...

did you get jeremy any souveniers (how does one spell that word exactly?) from lynchberg? we've been making every recipe from the jack daniels website. lynchberg lemonade and cranberry jack being my two faves! :)