Monday, January 17, 2011

the weekend

January 13:
Typical night at our house: Justin on one couch with his Kindle and me on the other with my book. Riley usually goes back and forth between us trying to get as much love as she can. Our house is freezing (story for another time), so Justin pulled out his t-shirt quilt to keep him warm. I was snuggled up with mine too.

January 14:
We went out to Mexicali to see one of my co-workers play in a little 3 piece band. They sounded great and Justin was happy to eat Mexican 2 nights in one week! Nearly unheard of for me. Yuck. Also, the 14th was my parents 34th wedding anniversary! I'm a lame daughter and forgot, but Happy Anniversary anyway!

January 15:
I actually took quite a few pictures today and it took me a while to figure out which one to use. We ran a some errands, Hobby Lobby (points to Justin!) for one and saw True Grit. Great movie! Later we went downtown to Gruhn's Guitars so Justin could look at a potential new acquisition (points to Anna!). Best pic of the day though, went to the amazing sky when we went on our walk. This pic does not do it justice!

January 16:
We got to go see our favorite comedian, Brain Regan at The Ryman. First time for both of us. It was a blast and super funny. My cheeks hurt for a while afterward.

Side note: I could not possibly do this without my trusty camera phone, so pardon some of the poor picture quality.

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