Saturday, January 22, 2011

week in review

January 17:
Our house is heated by propane. We've never lived in a house heated by propane before. Last year we ran out in the middle of the winter because we didn't know that we were supposed to keep track of how full the tank was. We froze for about a week. You think we would have learned our lesson. But no. On Sunday, Justin checked the levels and we were at only 7%. He called the company Monday morning, but they couldn't come to fill it up for a week. So again, we were cold for about a week. We had our space heaters going full blast! This Monday we finally got refilled and we're warm again!

January 18:
Tuesday was my sweet Grandma's birthday. I made these felt brooches for her. She got them in the mail today and hopefully she enjoys them!

January 19:
Today was my day off and Justin and I spent the day running errands. He was nice enough to go with me to Hobby Lobby so I returned the favor and went with him to Gruhn's Guitars. This is what our table looks like right now. I'm working on our bedspread and other projects so it's a little chaotic right now.

January 20:
I feel like I keep posting snow pictures, but we really don't get much snow here and it's been so pretty. Of course, school was canceled...again! I took this one once it finally stopped that night out the back door.

January 21:
Friday night we had girls' night. These girls are my best friends here in Nashville. Most of their husbands are musicians or work in the music industry so we all "get" each other and our lifestyles. I probably wouldn't make it without these ladies.

January 22:
Justin is traveling this weekend. He left on Wednesday night. They are playing in Connecticut tonight and I'm jealous because my best friend, Meaghan and her husband are going to the show. Justin sent me this pic of the stage.

A few of my friends and i are starting a Harry Potter movie marathon today. (Yes, we're huge nerds.) This little guy is hanging out with us too. He really wanted my camera. :)

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