Saturday, January 29, 2011

i failed

Well I didn't take pictures this last Sunday or Monday...or if I did, I can't find them and don't remember what they were. Let's just say that...yeah...I just lost them.

January 25:
Tuesday I spent most of the evening sewing. Justin took this one with an app he's trying out on his iphone. Pretty cool, I think.

January 26:
Tonight we made homemade pizza. We buy dough from Trader Joe's and you have to roll it out yourself. It's pretty fun, but next time I'm gonna roll mine out a little thinner. I made traditional sausage and mushroom and Justin made "the best Mexican pizza ever".

January 27:

January 28:
Justin and I are training for my 3rd and his 1st half marathon. I really want to PR (personal record), so I'm going to have to be more dedicated. I really hate running.

January 29:
Today Justin and I are going to stain the studio floor. Wish us luck!


All Doll(ed) Up said...

bedspread looks soooo good. I am proud you are running. I thought about the one in may here, but I don't think i have it in me. good pics- keep em coming!

Laura said...

Are you guys training for the Nashville half marathon in April? If so, we should all meet at the starting line or at least go out for a celebratory post-run meal! I love the bedspread as well. You finished it so fast! I'm impressed...still not quite finished with my t-shirt quilt.