Thursday, January 13, 2011


January 10:Well this isn't a picture that I took, but I'm going to use it today anyway. While Justin was on tour this fall, they were given a bunch of nice, gold cables. They had to take pictures with them to put up on the website. Do you think he picked this one? :)

January 11:This was taken on Tuesday, it's now Thursday and school has been canceled all week in Nashville and all the surrounding areas. It's kind of ridiculous!

January 12:Wednesday my co-workers and I all went out to celebrate January birthdays. Since I'm the baker of the group, I was elected to make the cake-funfetti!


All Doll(ed) Up said...

creyton asks "can I eat dat cake?"

Laura said...

They cancelled school over THAT?!? Wow...the state of TN would save a lot of money by just sending its residents out to Denver for a snowfall and they would have a completely different perspective! :)