Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, every time I blog I always end up feeling guilty that I don't blog more or that I've skipped some important event. Especially since this is more of a "here's what we're up to" blog. I have a great computer, which I can't blame my lack of blogging on.

All that to say I'm starting over this year. I'm copying off my friend Jill and my cousin Laura. I'm going to try to take a least one picture a day for the rest of the year. (Since I started about a week late, it will be more like 358 pics instead of 365.) My pictures won't be nearly as cool as Jill's, but it will help me to look back over the year a little better, I think. I do look back on my blog posts sometimes, so this will be a good way to keep track of good ol' 2011. I'm not going to promise to blog everyday (or clog up your feeds :) ) but I will take a least one pic a day and post them as frequently as possible.

Quick side note before I post yesterday's picture: Thanksgiving and Christmas were great and we had so much fun hanging out with our families. I just don't have to energy to blog all about them. Too daunting. Ok, moving on.

January 7:
This is the design for the bedspread I'm going to make for our bed. Each number is going to be a different pattern of black and white. I stole the idea/pattern from my friend Anne. I pretty much just like stealing other peoples' ideas. I'm off to the fabric store today to hopefully find some cheap material!

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Laura said...

I love that you are doing this too! I might have to copy your bedspread idea now though...that sounds incredible! I am looking forward to some pictures as it comes along.