Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this and that

--after 2 years of stealing wi-fi from our neighbors (yes we're THOSE people) they finally password protected their network. I'm really bummed. no more internet at home anymore. we're going to try to hold out until after christmas to actually have to pay for it ourselves. we'll see how long that lasts!

--i got a free facial last night. it was fabulous! my friend, ciara, bought this "year of beauty" thing from a skin care place and gave it to me. you get one facial, one make-up application, and one waxing a month for a whole year! it's pretty cool. i'll definitely do the facial, we'll see about the make-up (i'd need a place to go all gussied up) and i don't do waxing-i'm a baby. which brings me to my next point.

--my friend, colleen, is throwing a halloween party. it's a costume party. i figure, since i get a free make-up application i should take full advantage. so, keeping this in mind, what the heck should i dress up as? and should justin and i dress up together (like matching costumes-both pirates or football player and cheerleader or whatever) or should we just do our own thing? i need your advice!

--also, i am seriously considering starting a cookie business. specifically sugar cookies with my mom's secret recipe. i have received rave reviews every time i make them and i've have multiple people tell me i could sell them. so, heck, i'm going to try. first, i need a name. we originally decided on "the sweet secret" but thanks to some of my friend's dirty minds we decided that could be misinterpreted. SO...i need your input. what would you name a sugar cookie shop full of soft, delicious, melt in your mouth, amazingly decorated sugar cookies? :)


Leah said...

Hmmm....maybe "The Sugar Shack" or "Sweet Sugar" or "Gookie Cookie" (HA! Okay, so that last one was not for real...just a tribute to the Office...)

And you two would be cute dressed as like, an 80's metal star and a rock chick... :) Or you could be John McCain and THAT would be a way to take advantage of the makeup...just some ideas to ponder... :)

mom said...

I thought you were going to name it "The Sweet Spot." I guess that could be equally suggestive for those with dirty minds!
You should definitely dress as a couple - but I have no ideas yet.

Justin's mom said...

I think you should name your cookies "Sugar Melts". I would definitely want to try one of those! Also think the John McCain/Cindy McCain outfit sounded cool. :)

Anne said...

I would like some cookies please. Thank you. Will keep thinking on names. I don't suppose you could just name a cookie company "Jessica," could you? Miss you and probably owe you an email - or you can owe me one! It would be nice to know the sperm washer, but I fear we don't have that intimate of a relationship. Again, cookies. This weekend was about apples for me . . .