Friday, September 5, 2008

root canal

justin had to get a root canal on thursday. yucky! actually it wasn't that bad. he had chipped a tooth a while ago. i made a dentist appointment for him in may and they couldn't get him in til the end of august. craziness!

anyway, the dentist said he would have to get a root canal and a crown. before he left i looked into his mouth. i originally thought, oh he chipped a tooth, there must be a little tiny piece gone. a quarter of the freaking tooth was gone!! yikes. so he's finished with the first step and only a bit chipmunky on one side. i would not advise getting a root canal. they are freakishly expensive-even if you have insurance! he was in and out in less than 2 hours which is pretty good-i think. he gets his crown at the end of the month unless we can convince them to let him in earlier. he also has to have one of his wisdom teeth removed! argh dental work.


Marie said...

Yeah. I have needed to have my wisdom teeth out for two years, but refuse to pay for it. They're getting really bad too, but it's, like, $1500 WITH insurance.

Maybe Obama will solve all our dentistry problems. JUST KIDDING!

Anne said...

I have a loose adult tooth - should I be worried? I'm sure it will pop out when I take a ball to the face in a dodgeball tournament - you know how these things go . . . Way to be a trooper, Justin! No crying over busted teeth for real men, huh? Just kidding!