Friday, September 19, 2008


well, hurricane ike has started to affect nashville. justin went to four gas stations yesterday before finding gas at the 5th one. the two gas stations across the main street from our neighborhood are completely out. there are no prices on the signs and bags over the pumps. i was listening to the radio today and a lady called in saying she was at a gas station in brentwood and there were 50 people in line, 5-0!! and that the cops were there keeping the peace. AND, that they would only let you have so much. you were only allowed like 10 gallons or something. craziness!! they say it's supposed to be like this for 2 weeks.


Amanda said...

Yah. The same thing happened to us last Saturday. We had to try four different gas stations. My friend told me up in North Georgia cars were lined up and people were actually physically fighting with each other! Over GAS!!! I can't believe it.

Marie said...

Um. I love Kansas!