Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 year olds are hilarious!

i talked to dakota today. here's how the conversation went:

A: Hey Kota!

D: When are you going to come visit me? And bring Riley?

A: Aw man! It's going to be a while. Probably not til Christmas. Is that ok?

D: I guess. I look at pictures of you on Nana's computer.

A: That's cool. Do you want me to send some new ones?

D: Yeah.

A: Ok, I'll send some new ones.

D: Ok, drive safe! And watch out for gloomy guses!


mom said...

mmmm - such sweetness!

californiameaghan said...

what is a gloomy gus?

annaO said...

apparently a gloomy gus is "a big monster with lots of hair"