Thursday, September 11, 2008

poker night

we had our small group from church over for poker last night. (get up off the floor and back into your chair. YES, our church played poker.) and we played for money! (i'll give you another minute to get back in you chair again.) we also had some friends who aren't normally in our group. we had a blast!! enjoy the photos...

this is the non-competitive group. see how they're playing for pretzels and not real money? patient erich is teaching them how to play.

these pictures show the funniest part of the night. it's chris versus amanda. amanda has no clue how to play poker and chris is very competitive. i don't know if you can tell, but the flip is a 4 and two aces. (the flop doesn't matter in this scenario) chris goes all in. amanda calls him, so he has to show his cards first. he shows and 4 and something else that doesn't matter. so he has a pair of 4s and a pair of aces. amanda shows her cards and says, "aw man! all i have is two 4s!" (this means she has a full house and wins, but has no idea.) the look of joy at amanda's tone of voice and then pain when he realized he lost on chris's face was hilarious!

the winners! colleen and amanda decided to split the pot.

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Anne said...

That "Christians" don't play poker is kind of like me telling my coworker that I am a better Christian than he is because I know WAAAAAY more lyrics to Christian songs. That irritated him a little bit, but then we bet on whether or not his next patient would show up, so there was some gambling and THAT cheered him up. Do you follow? Thought so :-)