Tuesday, October 7, 2008

debate '08

well the big debate is tonight, right here in nashville tennessee, about 2 miles from our house, at belmont university. i'm really excited about it, even though i'll be watching it at home like everyone else in the country. i hope it's interesting. justin and i got bored a little over halfway through the VP debate and turned on a movie instead.

belmont has been gearing up for this for weeks. they've put up this ridiculous, flimsy chain link fence around campus. like that's really going to keep people out who want to do some harm! this morning on my walk in from the shuttle lot, (that's right, i walk instead of taking the shuttle. yay me!) at least 15 pairs of motorcycle cops drove down the street in front of me. i guess they've beefed up security everywhere. anyway, it'll be interesting going home from work today. i have to drive right next to belmont to get home and they've shut down all the surrounding streets.
well have fun watching tonight!

p.s. is this new background annoying? i can't decide.


californiameaghan said...

it is. makes it hard to read. :D

annaO said...

i think this one is much better-no?

Marie said...

I thought the debate was really boring too. Plus as much as a Palin fan that I am, she was getting on my nerves with her cheesy sayings and whatnot. Hopefully tonight they'll actually answer the questions!