Friday, October 10, 2008

we've conformed

that's right, we got iphones last night. we sold a bunch of stuff (including my laptop) and walked into the at&t store and bought them. (with cash dave ramsey-ites) we left with only $15 dollars and 2 brand spankin new iphones. they're kind of a big deal.

the main reason we switched out of t-mobile is that when justin travels, he usually doesn't get service. you can imagine how frustrating that is. we wanted to switch to either at&t or verizon. well, seeing as how at&t has the iphone, it was pretty much a no brainer. the ironic thing is that at my desk at work, i get maybe one bar of service. what are the odds!?

anyway, we had lots of fun playing with them last night. i can now get on the internet ANY. TIME. I. WANT. i officially rock.


Amy said...

Well, of course you rock. We already knew that!

Quick question: Dave Ramsey. What is the book you all love again? I need a money makeover. Love ya!

Anne said...

Ditto Amy: What is the title of the book?

And: how much is AT&T charging for the iPhones (do you have to get internet for them)? I've been trying to decide between a Blackjack, Blackberry Pearl, or the little Palm everyone has. iPhone easy to use/navigate? Why do I feel so out of touch with technology?

92: I would fly to Nashville right this weekend if there was any money left from baby-making. I need some normal fun, i.e. distraction . . .

Marie said...

YES ANNA! MORE CONVERTS! It's spreading.... (Dave Ramsey) Do they know that they will never be the same? ;)

Enjoy your phone! You guys have worked your butts off and deserve something fun.

annaO said...

The book is My Total Money Makeover. Everyone should read it!

Anne, iPhones are $200 for the cheaper model. I love it! They're very easy to use and intuitive I think, but that's also because I'm used to macs. The plans include unlimited internet. Check it out.

Love all you girls!

mom said...

Well that's what I get for not looking at the blog for a few days. SOMEONE STEALS MY COMMENT! THANKS, AMY! :) Yes, Anna you rock!
Love you!

p.s. Dave Ramsey? LOVE HIM!! His advice worked for us! $32,000 of debt gone in less that a year! Yaaahoooo! Weee'rreee debt freeeeeeee!

californiameaghan said...

i'm sad that we can no longer talk for free.