Monday, January 7, 2008

ostrander christmas festivities

well i'm posting this out of order, but i don't have all the pictures from the doll christmas yet, so be patient with me here! :)

we headed up to overbrook to spend christmas day with justin's dad, and that side of the family. linda and gary opened up their home to everyone and linda always makes an amazing christmas lunch and her famous apple pie. we spent most of the morning hanging out in grandma darlene's room talking to jerry and jean. (justin's dad, jerry, built an awesome addition to linda and gary's house for justin's grandma. darlene has severe dementia and they all take such good care of her.) we tried to introduce riley to midnight the cat, but midnight wasn't too sure about it. she finally warmed up to riley and even allowed a few licks to the face.

after lunch it's always present time!! linda and gary have this great big tree and it's always got tons of presents underneath. besides us giving noah the lego set he already had and just finished putting together that morning, i think everyone liked their gifts! :) it wouldn't be a trip out to overbrook, if we didn't go out on the 4 wheelers. there are 2 now, since noah got his own almost full sized 4x4. justin, jesse, noah and i all headed out with riley and noah's dog missy in tow. we went all over the back fields, and the dogs had so much fun chasing us and each other. then we headed over to the field next to the house. it's really long and just hilly enough that if you go all the way to one end, you can see the other end. i think we were all pretty dirty after that trip, but it's so much fun!

after 4 wheeling, we enjoyed the luxury of grandma darlene's heated floors. then we all posed for the family picture. it took some doing to get everyone smiling, the animals in the right place, and noah not making a silly face! we had fun and always like to spend time with family!from left to right, starting in the back: justin (with riley), me, gary, jean, jerry (with midnight). front row: noah, jesse, linda, grandma darlene.

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Anonymous said...

not sure who all those people are...but has justin put a candle in it yet?? :)