Thursday, January 10, 2008

christmas with the dolls

we celebrated christmas with the immediate doll family on sunday afternoon after church. mom made a great brunch and then we started in on the stockings. the little boys always make these events so much more entertaining. especially dakota as he talks up a storm. after stockings we headed into the living room for the big stuff. justin and i got our juicer as expected and we love it. we juice almost every day. i'm still experimenting and they don't always turn out! adam and aaron also got justin and i diamond d t-shirt and hoodie. i love my hoodie! aaron and his girlfriend jessie got dakota some cowboy boots which he loves. they're the first thing he puts on in the morning. he likes to wear them when he's playing" worker man" and don't try to talk to him or he'll tell you, "i'm busy!"

when we were little kids we had an indoor "sandbox" in the basement of our house. it was actually pinto beans, which are really hard and easy to play with. they work just as well as sand when it's raining so you can't play outside. dad made one for dakota this year and he loves it! with that and the train, you can't get him out of the basement. all the big boys wanted to play in it too, and it brought back so many memories.

justin got to hang out with matt and michele and see new baby lili. i really wanted to see them too, but i got sick and didn't want to pass anything on. i did get to see some high school friends though-lauren, mallory and natalie. it was so much fun to catch up with these girls. i try to see lauren and mallory whenever i'm in wichita, but it doesn't always happen. natalie lives in the caribbean, so i haven't see her forever. we had fun just talking. the conversation centered alot around babies. congratulations to mallory who welcomed ava into the world christmas day!

after we came back to wichita the second time mom, grandma and i went to a tea room and had lunch. it was so nice and the chicken noodle soup was awesome. they also had a little antique shop too. we looked around a bit, but decided not to spend any christmas money! :) i knitted a scarf for grandma for christmas and then mom said she wanted one too. so do i! so we stopped at michael's to pick out yarn for both of us. mine is green (of course!) and mom's is a reddish orangish that's fuzzy. abbe just told me the other day that dakota was asking when riley can come over to play. we'll be back before you know it!


Anonymous said...

we missed seeing you.

californiameaghan said...

the boys are so big!