Monday, January 7, 2008

a manhattan christmas

christmas night we headed to manhattan to spend christmas with justin's mom, terri, and his brothers. terri made us a great dinner and then we all took our turns opening presents. everyone got great things... especially me! terri got me this awesome thick and super soft robe. we got to wish kit and joann (justin's grandparents) merry christmas over the phone. they enjoyed the warmth of arizona over christmas. we had such a relaxing time in manhattan. we got to just hang out, spend some of those gift cards, watch movies, roam the mall, and go to the park. it was really cold though! while we were there it snowed probably another 3 inches or so one night. We took riley over to cico park the next morning and let her play in the snow. it was so funny to throw sticks for her. they would fall into the snow and get covered in powder, so she had a hard time finding them and had to root around. i wish it snowed here more. today it's a balmy 68 degrees!

we also got to see our friends ben and kristin while we were there. on thursday morning we got to spend some time with them and get to know jaiya a little more. then we all went out to carlos o'kelly's for lunch. after that we met terri, josh and kylea (josh's girlfriend) at the mall for a little more shopping. friday, we (being the fabulous brother and sister-in-law that we are) took jesse's car to get the oil changed. we had to get new windshield wipers for pete after the crazy storm we drove in. then i got to spend some more time with kristin and jaiya. she is such a good and contented baby. she was so good in the car and while we ran a few errands. we also randomly ran into jim and mary in best buy one night and got to catch up. both justin and i agree that they are some of our favorite people. we headed out on saturday morning back to wichita for a few more days.
justin, jeff, josh, kylea, demon dog, me, jesse, terri

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Anonymous said...

so justin got carlos twice...
jim and mary...what sweet and genuine people...i agree.
love the pic of the three bros...