Monday, January 28, 2008

hideous christmas sweater competition

so i never did post about our christmas eve and the first ever hideous christmas sweater competition. all i have to say be the judge:

the clear winner, i mean you can't tell but mine has sequins, shiny bows and it's completed by holes. justin's is pretty heinous too.
i'm very impressed with grandma's! nice touch with the garfield, grandpa.
doesn't mom's look just like a teacher sweater!? the buttons are little snowmen. dad's says: santa's back in the saddle again!
what a cute family! and yes, abbe is wearing christmas overalls
very nice christmas cowboy/girl outfits although may i point out that the rules specified SWEATER. automatically disqualified in my book.

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Amy said...

Yeah, things are falling through trying to get ahold of his agent. ARGH. On the other hand, the highlight of my morning was looking through at you and Justin in hideous sweaters. I still think Abbe should have won with the overalls :)

How's the training going?