Friday, December 28, 2007

let it snow!!

well, we made it to wichita on saturday morning despite the snow. justin drove from about 12:45 am to 6:30 am. I took over just after st. louis. i drove through kc and then it started to rain. the rain started to freeze, and then it started to sleet. once we got to just outside emporia, it started to sleet and snow. i got a little nervous driving after that, with all the trucks flying by and the highway getting slick. i woke justin up and made him start driving. it seemed to take forever to get to wichita from emporia. there was construction on the highway, plus all the weather. thank god at the last minute we decided to take my pathfinder instead of justin's little honda. the 4 wheel drive was so great! riley had never really seen snow, so she had a blast playing in mom and dad's back yard. once she realized what adam and dad were doing when they shoveled the drive way, she had fun "playing" with them while they worked. she kept getting in their way and adam would throw snow on top of her and she thought it was the best time ever. the wind had blown so hard that in one area of the backyard, there was hardly any snow, but a few feet away, there was a 3 foot drift! it was fun to watch riley jump in and out of the drift. she almost went in the creek once, but we called her back just in time.

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