Tuesday, December 18, 2007


so a couple of weeks ago, kirk and marisa came to visit! it was so fun to have them here. marisa was interviewing with vandy for the pediatric residency program. we're really hoping they come here! :) they got in on thursday and i was able to take a late lunch and meet up with them after justin picked them up from the airport. they had a dinner with the vandy people, but we got to hang out a bit afterward.

friday marisa had her interview/tour all morning until 2:30 and i had to work, so kirk tagged along with justin for the day. all i know is that they ran a ton of errands-repaired amp pick up and the like. that night we went to virago for sushi. it was SO good and we had the table full. their presentation is so pretty! that night we played cranium boys vs. girls as always. the boys got lucky and won their first game against us EVER. so of course we rematched and the girls won the best 2 out of 3. then we played couples and kirk and marisa won by one card-so close!

saturday we were hoping to be outside, but it was rainy. justin had a morning rehearsal, so i picked kirk and marisa up and we got food supplies for the rest of the weekend. when justin got home we made homemade pizza. super yummy. herb, cheese and pepperoni for the girls and pineapple with choice of meat for the boys. we watched i now pronounce you chuck and larry. well, i watched part of it, got really tired and went and took a nap. then while justin napped (hey, we were up late AND early!) the rest of us went on a walk and to some antique stores, well more like a 60s and 70s thrift store that's next to all the antique stores. then we went to see some of justin's favorite players, pat buchanan and tom bucavac (however you spell that). it was good, but ridiculously loud. we had yummy chicken dinner so late, at about 10 pm! the boys tried to roll out and bake sugar cookies and they did a good job. very impressive!

on sunday justin played at cumberland church, so he was up early again! the rest of us went to late service and then the boys made chicken fingers while marisa and i watched ratatouille. that's a really cute movie. it cleared up a bit so we took riley to the dog park, but it was still pretty muddy, so we walked around centennial park instead. riley had fun chasing the squirrels. then we had to stop and get some ice cream! :) their flight left around 8:45, so we got them to the airport. we had such a great time!

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