Thursday, July 26, 2007

there's no place like home

it was a really great trip home and i always wish i could stay longer. when i got to wichita on saturday night, mom and dad and i went straight over to adam and abbe's to see creyton. he is so precious! i got to just hold him for a while. some of adam and abbe's neighbors were having a little too much fun with fireworks after the 4th (considering it was the 8th!) they were pretty loud and they woke dakota up. he was pretty upset and started crying. adam brought him out into the living room and he was so cute he kept saying, fire crackers go BOOM! POP! fire crackers make me JUMP! he finally settled back down and went to sleep.

sunday morning i slept in and then ate lunch with mom and dad. adam called me when dakota woke up from his nap and i went over there to play with him while abbe got a little bit of much needed sleep. then mom and dad brought pizza over for dinner and dad made home made ice cream-yummy! thanks dad! aaron and jessie came over too. as we were sitting down at the table, dad asked dakota if he could sit by him. dakota answered, "yeah....if you can behave!" i wonder where he's heard that? :)

monday mom and i went over to grandma and grandpa's house in the morning. it was good to see them and i've decided grandma needs a new computer. she's so cool, she's been a mac user as long as she's had a computer. i can remember playing on her first computer in the den. it's screen was smaller than my laptop's now and it was black and white. ahhh, the good ol days! after that i went to lunch with lauren and mallory. it was so good to catch up with the two of them. i was hoping mallory would at least have a little belly, but no such luck! i'm excited i'll be home for christmas, so i'll get to be there when the little one is born. that afternoon i went back over to adam and abbe's. molly was over there and i caught the tail end of because i said so-great movie by the way. i got to sit with creyton asleep on my shoulder for about an hour-pure heaven!

tuesday mom and i took dakota to pump it up (see post below), and went out to adam and aaron's job site. then it was time to head on up to KC to the ariport. mom and i hitched a ride with duane (thanks duane!) it was a great trip!

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californiameaghan said...

YAY duane! what a guy!

also your grandma is still cool, but not because she uses a mac. because they are satan. it is all part of steve's evil plan!