Saturday, July 14, 2007

california dreamin

Ok, so due to some technical difficulties (namely, me forgetting my camera everywhere we went and Meaghan's burned picture CD not so much working on my mac) I have no pictures to show you from my visit to the good ol sunshine state-is that even california's nickname? anyway, i had a wonderful time and it was the perfect amount of relaxation and running around.

I got into LAX around 10pm and randomly ran into Steve Knox (Kevin's brother). He had arrived about an hour before me and couldn't find his ride. Add to that he left his cell phone in Kansas, he was going to have to take a cab home. So, I offered my ride to him and when Meaghan and Jeremy came to pick me up, we took Steve home. That was a fun and completely random detour. Then since that day was Meaghan's school's graduation (which she planned beautifully) the teachers/administration were having a party. We met them all at Hollywood Billards and Meaghan and I spent the whole time playing darts. Can I just say, I am WAY better at darts than she is, yet somehow she won 2 out of 3 games. Stupid scoring system!

On Saturday we woke up late and went to the beach to Meaghan and Jeremy's normal spot-lifeguard station 3! We met up with their friends Al and Lottie and their daughter and just hung out and relaxed. It was wonderful. When we got home, Meaghan and I went shopping. Yay for Xi and H&M. These are the cutest and cheapest stores ever! Too bad they're only in LA :( When we got home we had hamburgers made from Koci beef, which were of course delicious!

On Sunday we went to the Crystal Cathedral to see Justin play with flood. It was an interesting experience to say the least. To get Meaghan's opinion click here. After service we went to The Block and huge basically out door mall. We ate lunch and walked around a little. Meaghan and I found Steve and Barry's whcih carries Sarah Jessica Parker's new line Bitten. It's pretty awesome. Justin had to head back with the band that afternoon. In the evening Meaghan and I went to this Mexican grocery store, which I forget the name of, and it was awesome! They play blaring Mexican music, have really cheap hideous decorations, and all the annoucements over the intercom are in Spanish. We bought stuff for carne esada-yummy! Then we stayed up way too late playing cards. Apparently I'm awesome at nerts and really bad at funtbucket.

Monday, Meaghan and I went and got pedicures at the mall and then met Kevin and Nikki for lunch. By that time we had to go to the airport. So all in all I had a wonderful trip. Thanks Kocis!!

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californiameaghan said...

vallarta... the store's name.

also macs suck.