Monday, July 16, 2007

coffee talk reunion

Ok, so this is kind of sad that I'm just now posting about my trip to kansas that was 3 weeks ago. but i know you're all dying to hear about it. so i got there on friday night (after a really annoying hour delay at the airport) and stayed with kirk and marisa that night. the next morning we got up and met at heather's house to drive out to amanda's parents house to meet up with all my college girlfriends. we got mildly lost on the way, stupid construction, but made it there none the less. we (we meaning heather and kristin) made pizzas for lunch- great idea marie! and talked and just caught up and had a wonderful time!what would a party be with a pinata!? so i brought a boot for nashville. i think kristin was the one who finally broke it open. lily (amanda's 3 year old) was so cute. she kept saying "the boot broke and the candy fell out!" the little ones sure enjoyed the candy! kristin and i had to leave a little early to make it to wichita before dark. it was really great to spend some one on one time with kristin and i wish i would have gotten to stay longer with the whole group, but i had to get down to see this beautiful nephew of mine! it was such a good time to catch up and see everyone who i hadn't seen in a long time. love you girls!!

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